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Seattle Renewable Energy Resources

Produces pellets from sustainable locally sourced wood and forest products throughout the Pacific Northwest.  


SRER is working with a number of biomass suppliers- to include large and small harvesters in order to generate a long-term supply of biomass. commodities include wood products, sawdust, building debris, non-marketable wood, recycled wood chips for the production of biomass pellets. 

Topics that will be covered Below:






To grow our value-added pellet export business while improving the local environment and community. We work with partners to eliminate their biowaste and convert it into a renewable energy product by redirecting local waste products to our facility and converting them into bioenergy

1 ton of wooden pellets packed in 15kg bags. Wooden pellets stacked in plastic bags. Heati
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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable and economically vibrant future for the Pacific Northwest region by promoting environmentally responsible forestry practices and supporting the growth of the local green economy.


Through our partnership, Seattle Renewable Energy Resources (SRER) and the Port will establish a reliable and sustainable supply chain of locally sourced wood and forest products.


We aim to promote the use of sustainable biomass energy pellets as a cleaner and more efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuels, while also fostering economic growth and job creation in the local community.


Together, we can create a model for sustainable forestry practices and demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy sources.

Redevelopment and Growth Program

Property: TBD

Redevelopment Opportunity

Lease and Revenue Impacts:

  • Long term lease; negotiate initial infrastructure improvements to support joint development operations for bulk terminal redevelopment.

  • Increased Revenue and Increase tax incentives as well as tax base increase to State of Washington and Local County.

  • Availability and access to Government grants, USAID participation for Small Business EXIM Bank and State Department involvement.

  •  Grants and Carbon Credits:  Korea, India, Vietnam

New Employment

  • 100+ to support our 24/7 operations. New employment for the surrounding areas

  • Supports current and future employment in other sectors.

  • Job Training

  • Union Access

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